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Introducing AI-Powered Enterprise Search

User experience continues to be the driving force behind technology, and our expectations as consumers are growing every day. Just look at any successful app on your phone —- from Uber to Instagram — and it’s clear that a refined user experience is very important to those businesses. We’re also in a time where AI is beginning to make a measurable impact on our lives — most notably when it comes to Search. Whether you are asking Siri a question or searching the web for a restaurant menu, we as consumers are again coming to expect the technologies we consume to exhibit increasingly complex levels of machine intelligence. Despite this, the technologies we utilize in our professional lives have remained mostly unchanged, and today they stand in stark contrast to the experiences we enjoy elsewhere.

Think about how often you sit in front of your computer thinking “is there something that already exists that could help me right now?”  Most people will give search a try, scroll through a few results, ask a couple of colleagues, but eventually give up and embark on creating something from scratch. Searching through all the data you need to do your job has never been easy, but today’s employees face an even greater challenge because the work they do gets scattered across a multitude of popular software platforms — from Google to Dropbox to Salesforce. At Swiftype, we believe this makes enterprise search for modern businesses a much more complex and important problem than ever before.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new product that addresses this problem head-on: Swiftype Enterprise Search. By integrating artificial intelligence with our industry leading search technology, Swiftype Enterprise Search is a powerful new way for employees to seamlessly access the data they need, from any device, across the many applications their jobs require. Our new platform will bridge the gap between the tools we use at work and the expectations we’ve developed from our consumer experiences.

We’re excited to show you more and invite you to sign up for a free 7-Day Trial of Swiftype Enterprise Search.  We’re confident that it will transform the way you and your employees search and work.  Read more about how it works here and start connecting!


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