The Swiftype Blog / Month: May 2012

Announcing Swiftype: Modern Search for Sites and Apps

Swiftype founders Matt Riley and Quin Hoxie

Today we are announcing Swiftype, the best way to add search to your site or app. Quin and I have long been frustrated by how hard it is to add good search to web sites and apps, so we decided to do something about it.

Swiftype has an API you can use to index arbitrary content, but we also can crawl your site so you can get started in minutes. We’ll create a search engine literally while you watch. You can install it on your site using a simple JavaScript embed and your users will enjoy great, fast search results and autocompletion. In addition, Swiftype lets you customize search results with drag-and-drop and gives you detailed analytics about the queries your users are making.

Swiftype is already powering search for customers like Twilio, TwitchTV, Listia, and Fastly.

If you’d like to hear more or discuss adding Swiftype search to your site or app, please reach out. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Swiftype blog – we’ll be releasing frequent updates.

You can read more about our launch on TechCrunch, or give us a try.

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