The Swiftype Blog / Month: May 2018

App Search is Now Generally Available

Note: The full App Search GA post is available on the Elastic blog.

We’re excited to announce that the Elastic App Search Service (powered by Swiftype) is moving out of Beta today and into General Availability. Since announcing App Search at Elastic{ON} in February, we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with a large number of our early adopters, hearing about their experiences with the product, and incorporating that valuable feedback into this latest release. We’re confident that App Search is ready for production deployments now, and as the first major release since Swiftype joined forces with Elastic last year, our team is thrilled to see what the Elastic community builds with App Search.

Powerful new search product built for developers

For those of you who missed our initial launch announcement, App Search is a search-as-a-service solution designed to simplify the process of building rich, user-facing search experiences. We leverage the incredible power of Elasticsearch and focus it squarely on powering search experiences in software applications of every kind — from ecommerce websites, to SaaS applications and mobile apps.

Elastic App Search key benefits

Developers using App Search are able to build search experiences much faster, due to three key factors:

  1. Simple Implementation: features such as schemaless indexing and built-in typo tolerance, in conjunction with a library of first-party API Clients, enables developers to be up-and-running in minutes.
  2. Cloud-Based SaaS Model: no need for on-premise deployment, infrastructure provisioning, or long-term maintenance. Simply create an account and get started immediately.
  3. Seamless Scalability: App Search is designed to scale seamlessly and painlessly as your usage increases.

Getting started

To learn how to get started with App Search, read our full blog post on and we’ll guide you through the basics of creating an App Search-powered search experience. And be sure to join us for the Elastic App Search webinar on June 6th for an overview and live demo of Elastic App Search.

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