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Introducing Swiftype App Search: Now Available in Public Beta

Note: The full App Search announcement post is available on the Elastic blog.

Powerful new search product built for developers

Since joining forces last November, the Swiftype team at Elastic has been busy developing a powerful new search product for developers. This new product is called App Search, and it extends core Elasticsearch functionality to provide a set of intuitive tools and building blocks for creating modern, user-facing search experiences. App Search is now in public beta, and we’re excited to get feedback from the developer community.

What is App Search?

Relevant search for your applications — right out-of-the-box

App Search is a search-as-a-service solution that simplifies the process of building rich search experiences. It’s designed to power search in software applications of every kind — from ecommerce websites, to SaaS applications, to mobile apps.

The product delivers the full power of Elasticsearch but abstracts away the complexities of building a relevant search engine from the ground up. Right out-of-the-box, App Search enables developers to implement search experiences with highly relevant results, fast autocomplete matching with typo-tolerance, faceting and filtering and more.

Ships with dashboard for managing your search engine

App Search ships with a beautiful administrative dashboard that assists you during the development process and helps you easily customize your search engine for the unique needs of your application. Inside the dashboard, you can inspect log files, fine-tune search relevance options, and tweak search results for specific search queries.

Built-in search analytics

Analytics are an important component of search implementations and App Search doesn’t fall short in this category. After you add App Search to your application, it will automatically collect metrics like popular queries which help you to recognize trends in user behavior and continuously improve relevance.

Hosted search API means no infrastructure management and quicker implementations

Finally, just like Swiftype Site Search, App Search is a SaaS product which means zero time spent configuring and managing infrastructure as well as quicker product implementations. Now, instead of regularly investing time in maintaining and scaling your search infrastructure, you have relevant and reliable search through a simple API call.

Why did we build it?

Hop over to the Elastic blog to learn more about why we built App Search.

Trying out App Search

Calling all developers

We’re inviting developers to join the publicly accessible beta and give App Search a test drive. Your feedback is welcome as we iterate rapidly towards a general release in the coming months. You can send your feedback directly to [email protected].

Now that we are part of Elastic’s engineering team, we look forward to building new features and tools that make it easier to deploy and manage world-class search functionality in your applications, on your website, and inside your organization.

Site Search Around the World

The Olympic mindset

With the Winter Olympics in full swing and over 2,950 athletes representing 92 countries in PyeongChang, we decided to take a look at how many countries around the world are home to Swiftype customers.

Going gold at 17

But before we dive into this, we wanted to give a shout out to Red Gerard, the 17 year old American, who took home gold in men’s snowboarding slopestyle. Incredible…here’s to more excitement over the next two weeks.

Swiftype customers around the world

Ok, now back to the business of search. Swiftype is currently powering search in over 35 countries with customers on every continent but Antartica. The US is home to the greatest number of our customers followed by the UK and Canada.

Swiftype is currently powering search in over 35 countries with customers on every continent but Antartica.

Our customers range from large multinational corporations to governments to small businesses trying to amp up their digital presence. Swiftype has become the trusted site search solution for a wide variety of organizations across the world (including BMW, Lyft, AT&T, and Samsung) and while we’re proud of the success we’ve had, our work is not over. In so many ways, we, along with our parent company Elastic, are just getting started.

Ricera. Busca. Recherche. Suche. Khoj. Zoeken. Search.

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