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Welcome to Secret Search Confessions

With a world of information constantly at our fingertips, it’s easy to feel like we have it all: Instant answers, immediate feedback, easy instructions. The world is our knowledge oyster. But what if you didn’t know where or how to find the information you’re looking for? That content essentially becomes useless and sits distantly alone in the dark corners of the internet unread and unused.

But really…

What? That would never happen, you say? I can just search for it via a website search bar and find exactly what I’m looking for? Easy! No problem!

We all definitely take the ability to search for granted. We’re even quick to claim we can find what we’re looking for whenever we want. But we’ve all, without a doubt, had countless, frustrating, roundabout, dead-end search experiences that only lead us to stress-eating cartons of ice cream instead of to the actual info we needed.

Ok, let’s talk real life

Ever wondered what kind of impact a search bar can have on specific people’s lives? So have we. Join us in this 6-part series as we dive deep into the lives of everyday people who will share their unique struggles when it comes to finding information, the problems it caused, and ultimately how they overcame. From prospective college students, celebrity gossip readers, online shopaholics, to irate customers and even helicopter parents. To quote the infinite wisdom of R.E.M.—“Everybody hurts.”

Search that doesn’t work hits where it hurts for many people in many ways. Let’s walk in someone else’s shoes, shall we?

Stay tuned to the Swiftype blog to catch each installment over the next few weeks!

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