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Top Trends in AI-Powered Cloud Search with Forrester Research

How often does this happen to you: you sit in front of your laptop thinking “is there something that already exists that could help me right now?” You know that one specific file exists somewhere, but you can’t find it. Is it in Google Drive or Dropbox? You start searching through the different apps, ask your coworkers, but eventually you’ll give up and create something from scratch. Forrester Research estimates that knowledge workers can spend 30% of their time looking for information, insights, and answers. Do the math. That’s a lot of inefficiency and time wasted. But it’s also a significant opportunity to increase employee productivity if search technology can streamline the process and return highly relevant results. Keyword search engines of the past are obsolete. AI-powered search is the new watchword.

Swiftype & Forrester Webinar
We’ve partnered with Forrester Research on May 18 for a live webinar to discuss this specific topic – The Future of Cloud Search. Our guest speaker from Forrester, Mike Gualtieri, VP & Principal Analyst, will discuss:

  • Trends he sees with AI-powered search in the cloud
  • How Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies can predict more relevant, personalized results
  • Ways to boost organizational productivity with the right search technology

Seats are limited. Be sure to join us on Thursday, May 18.

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