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Bringing the Power of Swiftype’s AI to Slack

Slack solves the problem of efficient communication in the workplace. Swiftype solves the problem of efficient content discovery in the workplace.  And now, /Swiftype is a simple command that leverages our AI-powered Enterprise Knowledge Graph to search all of your company data without ever leaving Slack.

Over 4 million workers (at companies like Airbnb, Ebay, Condé Nast, Samsung, Urban Outfitters, and more) use Slack and spend an average of 10 hours each weekday plugged in. It’s transformed the way people communicate and collaborate at work. Likewise, Swiftype’s suite of applications and Enterprise Knowledge Graph has transformed the way people discover and leverage information at work.  Today, we’re proud to announce Swiftype’s new integration with Slack — adding to our recently-announced AI-Powered Enterprise Search Platform, which eliminates the need to pop in and out of multiple tools and sites to find the information you need. Swiftype lets you search in Slack to uncover content across all of the applications you use at work.

You search in Slack, Swiftype gives you answers. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s efficient.

Here’s what you get (and why it matters) when you /Swiftype

Easily discover all of your content from within Slack. You should be able to search for documents, files, conversations, and data regardless of where the information lives. Similarly, you should have access to all of this without interrupting your workflow. If you find yourself spending most of your work day in Slack, why not search there? With a simple command, you can pull in search results from any application without ever leaving Slack. Find the information you need and share it directly in your channel.

Ask Swiftype questions the way you’d ask a coworker — our AI will do the rest. Using proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology, Swiftype understands searches in the same way humans do, and the results are an astonishing combination of speed and predictive accuracy. You’ll never search the same way again.

Fully control the privacy of your company data, whether it’s across your company’s shared content or per-user private sources, Swiftype gives every person in the organization access only to the data they are allowed to view. Your data is protected every step of the way, too. Security isn’t just a priority, it’s an essential component to our technology and platform. From end-to-end encryption to Slack channel restrictions, everything is in place to ensure the protection and integrity of your most valuable asset: your content and knowledge.

Don’t limit your search

Sure, you can look through each service individually by jumping from one to another until you find what you’re looking for, but this level of inefficiency is not only frustrating, it’s also expensive. The reality is that most companies house content in more than one place (and with more than one provider). When you search, you need to search across all of your data.  Swiftype focuses on being comprehensive and efficient. Your employees don’t want to search G Suite, then Salesforce, then Slack, then your website, then Dropbox, then Zendesk to find the piece of information they need to do their job. Swiftype lets you launch a single search  — that spans all of your cloud data sources — then, you’re done.

And now, you can do it all within Slack too.

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