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Swiftype Enterprise Search Now on Salesforce AppExchange

Two weeks ago, we launched Swiftype Enterprise Search to revolutionize the way employees find content across their data sources. Today, we’re excited to announce another advancement in helping workers quickly find the right information: our just-released Salesforce AppExchange app.

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Why the AppExchange? Because Salesforce isn’t just the world’s #1 CRM platform; they’ve helped more than 150,000 companies grow every part of their business from the cloud. They pioneered the concept of cloud-based business applications and, in the process, have fundamentally changed how companies view and use technology.

The cloud is now where business takes place. It’s where your data resides and where your applications live. And, it’s why we built Swiftype Enterprise Search for Salesforce to help your workers find information across all Salesforce Clouds: Sales, Service, and Communities.

Swiftype for Salesforce helps sales, service and support, managers, and even customers quickly find the right information, right now. Here are a few examples of how Swiftype can help your teams today:

  • Swiftype helps sales teams be more productive in their jobs as they work with prospects and customers by presenting information related to their accounts before they’ve even searched for it.
  • Swiftype helps service and support teams with case deflection by presenting related information to help solve cases faster so they’re not wasting time hunting for or recreating information.
  • Swiftype helps customers find answers before they think of opening a case by connecting content from Communities, Salesforce’s KnowledgeBase, and your company’s internal content repository.  

Best of all, Swiftype isn’t just limited to Salesforce. Our app indexes content across any cloud data source—from Salesforce Clouds to Dropbox to Google Apps and more—and delivers results in a single search experience. And, it takes just days to roll out Swiftype, with no IT development resources needed.

Swiftype for Salesforce also gives you all of the advanced features you’d expect from a leading enterprise search application. Search results are predicted and delivered based on a user’s role, permissions, search behavior, and preferred data sources and objects. Administrators can customize results based on tools and filters. Our dashboard lets you easily monitor and customize the search experience without any technical skills.  Swiftype Analytics help you understand what your employees and customers are searching for and how to make them more productive. And there’s so much more!

Come find us in the AppExchange and learn why those who’ve tried us love us!

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