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How Agencies & Web Development Firms Can Leverage Swiftype

Agencies and web development firms have a simple goal when developing digital and mobile properties: help develop a digital experience that looks great and works well for the client. When it comes to actually creating a website, developers are always on the lookout for new solutions that both help clients and make their work easier. Internal search is often one of the most time-consuming parts of implementation, and Swiftype provides a powerful solution to create a great search experience for site visitors and an easy implementation process for site developers.


At Swiftype, we’ve worked with many Agencies and Web Development Firms (including Digitaria,Code And Theory, 10up, Integrity, and Upstatement) who have identified Swiftype as a valuable solution to provide customized, powerful site search implementations. For them, Swiftype is a solution that makes both clients and development firms happy. Here’s why:

For clients:

  • Powerful Search. Swiftype dramatically strengthens a website’s internal search with fast processing, rapid and customizable autocomplete, smart spellcheck, and rich content indexing. This rewarding search experience will quickly satisfy visitors and keep them on the site.
  • User-friendly customization. Swiftype offers rich customization features, allowing non-technical site owners to reconfigure their search relevancy algorithm and custom rank search results all from a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Actionable analytics. The dashboard also provides detailed analytics on what users are searching for, allowing site owners to see what users want most out of the site and where they could expand their offerings.
  • Built for mobile. Swiftype’s search solution is built for any device, and can be easily customized for your client’s mobile site or app. No need to build a separate search engine.

For development agencies:

  • Quick implementation. After our web crawler indexes your client’s site, the install can be done by in less than half an hour by pasting a few lines of HTML into the website’s template. For tighter customization, insert Swiftype’s custom set of <meta> tags to tell our crawler exactly how to index your client’s website. Integration can also be done via our API.
  • Real-time indexing. Our powerful web crawler will detect any changes that your client makes to their website and immediately reindex those pages to impact real-time search results.
  • Focus on aesthetics. Swiftype’s template frees you from worrying about the back end and allows you to make the search experience and visual appearance look great. Notable examples include Qualcomm, Dr. Pepper, and Harvard Law Review.
  • Analytics. With the client’s permission, you can check Swiftype’s Analytics Dashboard for insights about how clients might improve their website, providing great talking points or presentation materials for quarterly meetings.

We’ve had great success partnering with agencies and web development firms, and we are always interested in hearing from firms that want to work together and receive commissions for Swiftype implementations. If you are interested in working closely with Swiftype to power your clients’ internal search, please get in touch with us—we’d love to see what we can do to help you out. Email us today at [email protected] to get the conversation started.


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