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Our Cloud Stack at Swiftype

Swiftype site search was featured as LeanStack’s service of the week. As part of that I wrote a guest blog post about how Swiftype uses cloud services to run our business.

“Implementing a better product with less hassle is really only half the advantage of using a service like ours. The other half — which doesn’t seem to get as much marketing play — is that by leveraging the product of a company dedicated to a single, specific technology, you realize the gains of having a full-time team of domain experts dedicated to improving your search feature, without assuming any of the cost. At Swiftype we spend all of our time thinking about, developing, and iterating on search, and every time we ship an improvement, all of our customers reap the benefits instantly. Our experience has shown that at most companies it can be a full-time job just maintaining an internal search system, much less improving it over time. When search isn’t a core competency of your company, we believe you’re better off letting us take care of the details. And of course the same philosophy applies to our company as well, which is why we leverage so many existing cloud-based services in our daily operations. Anywhere that we can save time and resources using a product that another company focuses their full effort on delivering is a win for us, because it allows us to spend our resources on what we do best — building great search software.”

Read the post to learn more about our cloud stack and the services we use.

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