The Swiftype Blog / Month: April 2014

Integrate Swiftype Search into Your Squarespace Site

Swiftype for Squarespace

Two great things that go great together!

Now available within Swiftype’s Hall of Tutorials, you’ll find a guide for integrating your Swiftype Search engine into a website built with Squarespace.

Included in the tutorial are multiple approaches for adding your search engine and results with our Overlay & New Page install methods.

View the Squarespace site search tutorial here, and if you’ve any questions or comments feel free to write us!

P.S. If you aren’t using Squarespace, don’t worry – we have many more tutorials, from adding Swiftype to any CMS to launching an overlay from any clickable element. We also set up our Help & Support forum for anything not covered there!

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